Services & Procedures

Imaging Services at Associates for Women's Medicine


Associates for Women's Medicine provides state of the art ultrasound and bone densitometry at two convenient locations. Our staff includes ARDMS registered sonographers and NYS ARRT registered radiological technologists with multiple years of clinical experience.

We provide consistent, reliable monitoring of our patient's bone health. Scans of the spine and hip are completed during your visit. Patients are encouraged to schedule routine follow-up care along with their yearly visits.

Our Ultrasound system gives us the clinical utility of 3D and Real Time 4D imaging technology to deliver unsurpassed quality in diagnostic ultrasound as it applies to women's healthcare. Throughout your pregnancy there may be indications when your provider will order an ultrasound. Each patient's individual history will dictate when the ultrasounds are ordered. Some patients will experience the first ultrasound early in their pregnancy to evaluate the gestational age, fetal number or viability. Most patients will typically undergo an ultrasound for routine scanning of fetal anatomy at approximately 18-20 weeks gestation. The anatomic survey is a very important part of your obstetric care as it provides a detailed look at the fetal brain, face, heart, abdominal organs, limbs, umbilical cord, placenta, amniotic fluid and uterus. In addition, the anatomic survey creates a unique bonding experience with your unborn child and the fetal sex may be determined at this time if the patient wishes and the anatomy is well seen.

Our imaging staff will share information about your examination with you. During your appointment you will be informed of the preliminary results and be given time to ask questions to the technologists.

It is our goal to provide the most up-to-date imaging services with the highest standard of care.